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¡¡¡¡Suqian Boyuan Paper Sticks Factory is a professional manufacturer of paper sticks in China, We own the most advanced technique of the world. Food-grade paper is used to produce the sticks instead of plastic sticks and bamboo sticks. Paper stick is environmental protection product. Productivity-our paper sticks are strong and manufactured to extremely close tolerances to ensure consistent length & diameter, thereby providing the highest level of productivity and minimal waste. Candy adheres to the paper stick more readily. Safety-although the paper stick is strong enough for all high-speed lollipop production machines, they are safer in the hands of children or if chewed. They are odor & taste free, have no sharp edges or serrated surfaces and will not break or splinter.Environmentally friendly-paper sticks are made from natural fiber and are 100% biode gradeable

¡¡¡¡We offer all kinds of paper sticks, which can be used in lollipop, chocolate cake, candy floss, cookies, medical cotton swab, make-up cotton bud, shoes, toys and so on....

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